Carpet for decoration modern

carpet for decoration

May be it is wrong to think that the carpet has not still any place in modern home decoration. Setting carpet with home interior decoration has always been a trouble, using carpet for decoration can improve how a desired space looks and makes the interior decoration beautiful. But do you think that if we want to use carpet in a modern decoration; What points should we consider? In this article, we want to check this issue out. Stay with us until the end of this article.

carpet for decoration modern

today, using persian carpets in modern decoration has become popular. It is interesting to know that in many European countries, the use of carpets can make a desired space colorful. It doesn’t matter if you use a modern style or traditional style, in any case, using a carpet is not only necessary, but it will make the space more beautiful. Choosing a carpet that has a beautiful color according to the color of the desired space, can add some warmth to the space. If you choose a carpet that matches your decoration, or in other words, setting it; it will make your office or your home beautiful.

Features of carpets for modern decoration

If you want to use a carpet for decoration, the desired carpet should have certain features. The carpet you just bought must be of a high quality so that it can be resistant for years. The higher the quality of the raw materials used, the higher the flexibility and the more resistant it is . Silk yarn, cotton, bamboo, are some yarns that can be used in producing a high-quality carpet.

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tips on choosing a carpet for decoration

There’s no need to worry. just get your mind working and use your innate creativity, then you can have the most beautiful modern decoration. By choosing a suitable carpet for dining room, living room, bedroom, corridor, etc., you can easily make your home specially beautiful. An important point is that you can use neutral colors in carpets for modern decoration. colors that  harmonize and complement with other styles of decor ,make your space beautiful .  If you love patterned carpets, pay attention to the fact that you have simple curtains and accessories so that you don’t clutter around yourself too much!

Choosing a carpet for the living room

Choosing a carpet for the living room

The living room is the most important space of every house. living room layout is very important; because this is where members get together with family every day and do their daily activities.

  • An important point here is not to place the carpet wall-to-wall. Try covering parts with flooring or carpeting.
  • If you are going to choose a large carpet; you should be able to place your furniture on the borders of the carpet.
  • Many people think that the living room carpet should be rectangular; But square carpets also create a beautiful atmosphere to the decoration.
  • It is better to choose your carpet in a similar shade to the color of curtains, furniture, or even wallpaper, or use colors that are close to each other.
  • If you want to use a patterned carpet for your decoration; Using neutral colors can make your desired space more beautiful.
  • If you are going to use wallpaper; The color of the wall paper should contrast with the color of the carpet. for example; If the carpet has patterned and colorful designs; It is best to choose a simple wallpaper. If the color of the carpet is red; Choosing a blue or even light cream wallpaper can makes your space more beautiful.
  • Be very careful in choosing the type and design of the carpet and do it obsessively. Hand made carpets are of good quality and more beautiful than machine-made carpets.
  • If your desired area is large, choosing carpets with plain designs, coarse texture and dark color can be the best option. Because they make the environment look smaller.

راهنمایی خرید فرش جهیزیه عروسعوامل مهم در قیمت فرش ماشینیطراحی دکوراسیون با فرش
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May be you can not believe it, but by choosing an appropriate and beautiful carpet, you can improve a formal atmosphere of modern decoration. Carpets are diverse in color and schemes. This can help you to choose the best kind of carpet according to the color, size and desired space.

In some cases, choosing carpets with happy and bright colors can make you feel better and the home have a modern atmosphere. So, do not think that carpets have no place in modern decoration and you should definitely use flooring or parquets! No, by choosing a carpet using the points tips we have mentioned, You can have a modern space . Remember that using carpet for decoration can give a wonderful effect to the environment space and make you have a warm and cozy environment at home.

Afrand carpet store has respected to all tastes and by having a collection of various carpets, is becoming a guest of your homes. Lets add this point  that Designing a decoration by carpets has a special place and makes your desired environment more beautiful. So visit our store and choose the carpet you want based on your decoration.

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