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Many people like the kitchen rug that they spread in the kitchen to be in harmony with its appliances. In the design of this type of carpets, kitchen appliances, tea and coffee pots, or colored spices are usually used.

Design of kitchen rugs

Kitchen design carpets are produced with this issue in mind and due to the use of mostly busy and colorful designs, while having beauty and harmony with the used environment, the dirt and pollution that may be in They don’t show what happens during cooking or children playing.

You can give it an independent identity from other spaces by spreading a special carpet for the kitchen in this space of the house and bring the positive energy and vitality of these carpets with their extremely beautiful designs to your home kitchen.

Type of kitchen carpet

The pile thread of these carpets is usually heat-set polypropylene, which has high resistance in wet environments, and non-pilling and non-sensitivity are among the countless advantages of these carpets.

Kitchen carpets usually have dark backgrounds, which creates a contrast in the mostly bright kitchen decorations and gives a special beauty to your kitchen, and the dark itself also causes it to get dirty later and show less stains. will be

Dimensions of kitchen design rugs

The mentioned carpets have standard padri sizes (0.5 x 0.8 meters), one and a half meters (1 x 1.5 meters), four meters (1.5 x 2.25 meters), six meters (2 x 3 meters) and in some designs They may be woven up to a size of 9 meters (2.5 x 3.5 meters).

Density and comb number of kitchen carpet

Most of Afrand kitchen carpets are woven from 8 colors of dyed yarn, 500 reeds with a density of 1000 and heat-set polypropylene yarn. And they have first-class quality.

Efrand kitchen rugs

A collection of the most beautiful kitchen carpets in various standard sizes mentioned by afrand carpet has been presented to you, according to your taste. And you can have a comfortable and safe purchase for your decoration. At the same time, the price of the kitchen rug is made without intermediaries and at the factory price.

We should also add this point that you should not necessarily use the category of kitchen carpet for this space, and according to your taste, you can choose carpets with other designs, but as it was said, you should pay attention to the type and texture of the chosen carpet. to be suitable for the kitchen environment. Carpets from other categories of Afrand carpets such as Fancy Carpets and Gebeh and … can also be suitable for this space.

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