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Children’s carpet as its name suggests, it is called the type of carpets that are designed and woven for the room or place where babies, minors, children and even teenagers are kept. The use of various happy and lively colors as well as famous cartoon characters are very popular in this type of carpets. But there are also models with soft and sleepy colors without cartoon characters.

Sesame carpet yarn and children’s room

One of the important points in the texture of these types of carpets is the type of warp yarn of these products. It means the surface thread of the carpet with which the child’s skin is in contact. The sensitive and tender skin of children often comes into contact with the surface of this type of carpets, so the material of the carpet must be chosen very carefully so as not to cause any sensitivity to the child. The lack of fluff and also the absence of roots due to the possibility of causing respiratory allergies are important features of these types of carpets. The use of heatset polypropylene yarn is one of the best options for children’s carpets, due to the fact that it does not have any lint and does not cause allergies.

Density and comb number of children’s carpet

Another thing that is important in sesame carpet and children’s room is the comb and density and finally the thickness of the carpet. These types of carpets should have a suitable thickness and be soft and relatively thick under the feet and even the hands of the child. Because children and babies may move and play on the floor and carpet of their room. The higher the comb and density of the carpet, the denser the texture of the carpet and the thinner the thickness of the carpet, so comb and less density are more suitable for these carpets.

Most of the Sesamenese and room carpets are woven in 8 colors of yarn dyed, 500 shoulders They are heat-set with a density of 1000 and polypropylene yarn. And they have first-class quality.

Kids room carpet weaving method

Children’s carpets are printed and woven in terms of production method. Compared to printed carpets, woven carpets have more color stability, more thickness and therefore more softness (due to the higher pile thread height) and the use of hypoallergenic fibers, but printed carpets may be less restrictive in color selection. have more colors, but in general, woven carpets are more recommended for children’s rooms.

The size of the children’s design carpet

Children’s carpets are woven and produced in padri sizes (0.5 x 0.8 meters), one and a half meters (1 x 1.5 meters), four meters (1.5 x 2.25 meters), and six meters (2 x 3 meters). Four meters are more popular than other sizes.

One of the important points in choosing this type of carpet is its design, because it should be in harmony with the rest of the children’s room and its decoration. Afrand Carpet offers you a variety of children’s carpets in different sizes of the mentioned standards, so that you can choose from them with ease. do. Also, the price of children’s rugs in Afrend rugs is free and at the factory price.

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