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Carpet color and design

Machine rug, is hand woven on both sides and the back and front are similar. The threads or threads in the carpet are completely parallel and without an angle. A carpet is made of warp and weft, which is usually woven from the wool of domestic animals and is generally used as a carpet. Each region has its own design. It is possible that the carpet texture with changes has other uses besides carpets among the nomads: among them salt pan, jal asb, tent strip, etc.

The dominant colors of carpets are yellow, orange, red, green, dark and light blue, white, cream, etc. In fact, the color in the rug is used completely subjectively and according to taste, and there is no special rule for the use of colors in the rug. Each rug shows the individual mood and taste of the weaver in the use of different colors.

Machine rug

Machine carpet is a type of underlay and expandable that can be used as a carpet for spaces that you like to have a rustic and unusual atmosphere. But he added that modern and integrated designs should also be available in machine-made carpets, which is one of the highest carpet designs.

Due to the lack of padding, this model of rugs is relatively dry and less thick than carpets, and many of you may choose carpets for sitting or lying down, but you should pay attention to them because of the material and texture. Have a product. The final product that is obtained in rugs, these products have a lower price than carpets and are more affordable, and this is a big advantage for rugs, and they can be used for home spaces based on your taste.

Machine carpet texture

The request for buying machine rugs has increased and as a result the production of these products has also increased. In the past, nine-round rugs were woven only by hand, and the wool of domesticated animals was also used for its production. With the help of technology, the program uses special weaving machines for this purpose. The method of manual weaving continues in parallel with the machine method.

Purchase and price of rugs in Farsh Afrand selling machine

Afrand carpets currently offered on the site, 320 combs are with a density of 640, they were woven from 6 colors of thread and the khabi thread from They have a UV coating.

Afrand Carpet offers you carpets with different designs and patterns such as traditional, modern, combined, etc., with various and happy colors in its collection. . loved ones The sizes of rugs are the same as carpets and are available in standard padri (0.5 x 0.8 meters), one and a half meters (1 x 1.5 meters), four meters (1.5 x 2.25 meters), six meters (2 x 3 meters), nine meter (2.5 x 3.5 m), twelve meter (3 x 4 m) also different sides 1 x 2 m, 1 x 3 m, 1 x 4 m texture and order.

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