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How to determine the price of machine made carpet and What are the factors affecting it?

اگر هنگام خرید فرش دچار سردرگمی شده‌اید و نمی‌دانید تفاوت قیمت‌ فرش‌ها به چه دلیل است و ملاک تعیین قیمت فرش ماشینی چیست. اینجا را کلیک کنید.

You may get confused while buying a new machine made carpet and don’t know the reason for the different pricing and it’s not  clear for you what is the criterion to determine the price of machine made carpet.

  It has definitely happened to you , when you are visiting carpets in the market to buy a machine made carpet ,you notice the difference in the price of each carpet.

For example, two carpets are similar in appearance and manufacturing factory, but they have a significant difference in price.

You may wonder why machine made carpets have so many different prices? Or what are the effective factors and features on the price of machine made carpet?

 In this article, we are trying to explain to you the factors and criteria affect commercial price of the carpet, so that you can choose the best machine made carpet.

Pricing based on the size and dimensions of the carpet

It is natural that the larger the size and dimensions of the carpet, the higher the price. Carpet dimensions are divided into two categories.

 The first category is standard dimensions. Including carpets with sizes of 1 *1.5 meters, 1.5 *2.25 meters, 1 *2 meters, 1 * 3 meters, 1 *4 meters and ,6,9 and 12- meter carpets. Naturally, the 12-meter carpet has a higher price than the others.  The price of a 6-meter carpet is also affected by the price of a 12-meter carpet; That is, it is about half the price of 12 meter carpets. The price of a 9 meter carpet is between 12 and 6 meter carpets.

The second category is custom dimensions that are woven according to the customer taste. In the first category, naturally, the higher the size, the higher the price. In custom sizes, the price will be higher, irrespective of the size of the carpet.

The effect of the number of reeds on the price of the carpet

The number of carpet reeds and its price are directly related to each other. For example, a 700  reeds carpet has a lower price and value  compared to a 1200  reeds carpet

 But  the 1500  reeds carpet, which  costs much more  than other carpets in terms of  reed and density, it is the most expensive machine made carpet in the market. Carpet density means the number of knots in one meter of its length

The reason is that a higher number of reeds often means a  great   quality and value of the carpet.

انواع فرش ماشینیپرفروش ترین فرش ماشینیخرید اینترنتی فرش ماشینی
قیمت فرش 700 شانهقیمت فرش 1200 شانهقیمت فرش 1500 شانه
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The effect of the type of fibers used on the price of the carpet

The type of yarn and fibers is one of the most fundamental factors in machine made carpet.  Machine made carpets are woven from different yarns such as polyester, wool, acrylic and poly propylene.   For example, carpets with acrylic or heat set acrylic yarns are softer than the other carpets and has a high  resistance to heat.  Therefore, they are more expensive.  Then, carpets woven from polyester filament which is a kind of artificial silk  have a higher price.  polyester carpet is a good option in humid areas due to it is more resistant to moisture, so these kind of carpets are sometimes higher in price  in these area.  

 In the end, poly propylene carpets are cheaper than the others. These carpets usually have bright colors, but because of their low durability and strength, their prices are lower.  Most of the carpets whose yarns are of lower quality have more fluffing, so their price  will be  lower.

The effect of carpet weaving machine on pricing

One of the important and effective factors on the price of machine made carpet is the type of machine in which the carpet is woven . Due to the sanctions that are imposed on the country and severe exchange rate fluctuations, the import of carpet weaving machines is facing barriers; so, the carpets that are woven by modern foreign machines are much more expensive. The type of device also affects on the pricing procedure. For example, the density and reed of the carpet depend on the type of machine. Machines that are able to weave carpet with high density are higher in price.

The effect of coloring on the price of machine made carpet

  High number of colors in a machine made carpet  and  keeping up with the fashion indicates a higher value and price of that carpet . Usually, 8 to 10 colors are used in the weaving of machine made carpets.  Of course, we should also mention that coloring is not the main cause affects on pricing. but also , it is considered as an unessential  factor along with a collection of other features.

The effect of carpet weight on its price

The weight of the carpet also affects on its pricing process; Because a carpet that is heavier indicates the use of more raw materials, as well as a higher reeds, density, and its pile yarn. Also, the cost of its transportation is higher.

Carpet production company and its effect on the price

The most popular and biggest companies have higher priced products. Naturally, part of this price is due their brand value. But we should take into account that these kind of companies usually have more experience in the field of producing carpets. Even some of them are among the founders of machine made carpet production in Iran; so, they have high working experience and professional reputation. On the other hand, they dont want to impugn their quality and reputation leading customer dissatisfaction with their product. Also, because of the experience they have gained over the years, they have achieved optimal solutions in the field of reducing wastage and increasing quality in producing carpet, and the price of machine-made carpet is a alittle higher in these manufacturers.

Carpets that are considered stock

In the carpet industry, some carpets are called stock that their manufacturing line has been stopped or the model of those carpets is out of fashion. These carpets are called stock and one size. Usually, due to the decrease in demand for them, their prices go down.

Carpet design and model

The design and model of machine made carpets  are almost  ineffective on the  price differential  of machine made carpets.  This is a matter of taste, and according to different tastes, each  design and model  of carpet has its own fans;

Therefore, if a seller gives  carpets at a  different prices in a store  just because of differences in designs, do not accept it.

The effect of the type of carpet shops on the price of carpet

considering that some stores order the carpet directly from the factory or the store are acting itself as a valid representative of the products of that factory , therefore, due to the lack of brokers or intermediaries , they have a lower price than other stores.


final word

In this article, we tried to briefly mention the criteria and factors  make up the price of machine made carpet But in the end, the choice is yours to lay away enough money for buying the carpet in accordance with your budget and the taste and usage you expect from the carpet.    

 One of the reasons for buying from Afrand carpet  store, in addition to the variety, color and quality, is the reasonable price of machine made carpets, Dear customers can buy their favorite carpet with very suitable price, because the carpets have been sent directly from the factory to the store.  Also, the terms of installment buying from Afrand store have made it easier for our dear customers to buy a carpet. To know how you can buy in installments, please call 09102916008.


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