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Removing blood stains from carpet

How to remove blood stains from carpets

It has definitely happened to you that you are worried about how you can get blood stain out of a machine made carpet! The red color of blood can make a blood stain tough to remove from carpet. The haemoglobin in blood sticks to the carpet fibers; so, if blood spills on your carpet, you need to clean it up as quickly as you can. Your preferred method for cleaning blood from carpets depends on whether the blood stain is dry or fresh. It is better to know that dried blood can be more difficult to remove.  Read to the end of this article to know about the solutions of cleaning blood stains from carpet.

How to get fresh blood out of carpet

How to get fresh blood out of carpet

To remove blood stains, it is best to clean the carpet while blood is still fresh. Use a clean cloth or towel to blot as much blood as possible .A cloth is very effective for blood stain removal, but if you’re worried about your cloth getting stained, you can also use paper towels .

Start cleaning from the edge of the blood stain and move towards the center. Never rub the bloodstain; because this only causes it to spread more in carpet fibers. Fill a spray bottle with cold water and lightly spray the blood stain and let it stay for one or two minutes. Keep in mind that too much water can damage your carpet. To clean, start from the edges of the stain and move towards the center of the stain .

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Never use hot or warm water to a blood stain. High temperature not only makes the stain impossible to be removed, but also it will cause it to set on the carpet forever. Try to repeat the cleaning steps several times until the bloodstain disappears. If the stain persists after several times, try using salt .make a mixture of salt and cold water in a small bowl. Apply a small amount of the mixture directly on to the blood stain and allow it to soak for a few minutes

Do not use detergents to clean blood stains

Avoid any soaps or detergents containing lanolin or bleach to remove blood stains, as these can damage and discolor the carpet .

Once the blood stain is gone, you should dry your carpet. The fastest way to dry the carpet is to use a fan. Place the fan in front of the wet part of the carpet and let it run for a few hours to dry your carpet well. To speed up the drying process, you can also use paper towels or a dry towel to remove moisture from the carpet.

How to get dried blood out of carpet?

To remove a dried blood stain, the best thing to do is to gently spread the dried blood with a knife .Of course, remember that you should not try this method on expensive carpets; because using a knife may tear the fibers of your carpet.

Shampoo and ammonia

How to get dried blood out of carpet?

Ammonia is one of the most effective methods to remove blood stains from any surface. However, you should be careful; because it may cause harm to the carpet fibers or change its color. You can easily apply ammonia alone, but it is better to start with detergents to continue the process .

Pour a cup of water into a bottle and add two teaspoons of shampoo to it. You can also use liquid dishwashing detergent . Shake the mixture well and spray on to the stained area .let the solution work for two minutes to remove the stain.

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Enzyme cleaner

Enzymes help bacteria break down organic materials such as vomit, urine, feces, and blood .You can use any enzyme cleaner to remove blood stains from carpets .

Enzyme cleaners are an effective method, but should not be used on silk or wool carpets. Enzymes may break down the fibers along with the blood.


Removing blood stains from carpets is difficult, but certainly not impossible. The faster you take action, the greater the chances of removing blood stains from the carpet.

Always remember that it is better to clean the blood stain as quickly as you can and not to let it remain on carpet for a long time. Rubbing the carpet can cause blood to penetrate the fibers and make it much harder to remove the blood stain. Rinse the stain  with cold water; because it Prevents blood from sticking to the carpet, to increase the life of the carpet.

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