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Why do we need a Circle carpet?

Circle carpet

Furniture and walls in most rooms usually have right angles. So it makes sense that for most people, the classic rectangular or square rug is a safe and risk-free choice. But there are certain situations in which the use of circular carpets is very necessary. Do you want to change the decoration of your home easily and at the lowest cost? Using a circle carpet is the best option. By creating asymmetry and creating a sense of more space, these carpets give your home a modern and special look. If you want to optimize the space of your home or divide the parts of your home, it is better to use these types of carpets. In this article we will talk about Circle carpet.

Advantages of using round carpet

Using a round carpet has many advantages, which can be mentioned to optimize the space of the room. Join us to discuss its other benefits.

Cheaper price

Usually, the price of round carpets is cheaper than traditional rectangular carpets. Of course, attention should also be paid to the fibers in the carpets, which affect the price of the carpet. However, even if you buy several circular rugs for your home, it will still be a worthwhile investment.

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Creating boundaries and more open space

If you want to create boundaries in each of the spaces of your home, round carpets give you this opportunity. Especially when you use them under things like tables. This is very useful in small apartments or open-plan houses. It also helps a lot to arrange houses better and more comfortably. The round carpet makes people think the home space is more open and bigger; Because it helps to reduce the focus on the walls by creating a focal point. This makes the room appear larger than it is. It should be noted that the coordination between the walls of the room and these carpets helps a lot.

Variety in the size of the round carpet

Like square and rectangular rugs, round rugs come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect rug for you. This variety of sizes will help you find the right carpet for the very small rooms of your home.

Diversity in the type of fibers

Just as round carpets are found in different sizes, they also have a lot of variety in terms of fiber type. Also, the round carpet is compatible with any decoration style. The most common fibers used in these carpets include wool, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, etc. Considering that the price of the machine-made carpet is lower compared to the hand-woven carpet, so buying a circular machine-made carpet will be affordable.

Circle carpet

Where and how to use the round carpet?

If you have never used circular rugs in your home, you may be confused about the best place to put them and how to use them. In the following, we point out some tips on the use of these carpets.

Circle carpet in the corridor

If your hallway is dim and simple, a round rug will give it a special effect. If your chosen carpet has bright and cheerful colors, it is better to place it under a hanging lamp to make it more effective. Choosing the size of the carpet depends on the size of your hallway.

Reception hall and dining room

When your dining room is square or rectangular, you can use a round rug to break the symmetry and draw attention to this space. Also, using these types of carpets will give a modern effect to the space. On the other hand, if you have a round dining room, the rug should be in the center of the room and larger than the diameter of the table and chairs. Now for the living room, this type of rug should go under the table or furniture that you want to highlight. If the living room and dining room are in the same space, it is a great opportunity to create a visual division.

Circle carpet in the bedroom

Bedrooms should be comfortable and cozy. The color, size and shape of the bedroom carpet play an important role; Therefore, the round carpet will be a good idea for the bedroom. Choose a color for the carpet in your room that matches the color of the walls and your bedroom set. Sometimes square or rectangular carpets go under bedroom furniture such as wardrobes or beds, which may not be pleasant for you. Using circular carpets in the bedroom gives you a feeling of relaxation, and if the carpet is made of standard fibers, you can sit on it to rest, study or meditate.


Choosing a kitchen carpet is very important. The kitchen is one of the places where the use of a round carpet is considered very important and necessary. Circular rugs are a good choice for square and small kitchens. It should be noted that you should never use rectangular carpets for round kitchens. Also, when buying a circular carpet for the kitchen, it is better to pay attention to the size of the carpet, because placing the carpet under the kitchen appliances will destroy the beauty and appearance of the kitchen and also damage the health of the carpet.

Circle carpet

Circle carpet in special situations

Sometimes you may have a circular accessory like a chandelier or a round mirror in your home decoration. Placing a round rug in that place will make that accessory stand out more. For example, if your chandelier is round and large, the presence of a round carpet will help the chandelier stand out more. Sometimes, there may be a simple and unpatterned floor and carpet throughout your room, so using a circular carpet on this floor will make your room more attractive and special, and its simplicity will disappear. The contrast between the circular carpet and its flooring gives the room a fresh color and spirit.

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  • اگر اثاثیه منزل مانند مبلمان، کاغذ دیواری و غیره شلوغ و پرزرق‌وبرق است، بهتر است فرشی با طرح و رنگ‌بندی ساده را انتخاب کنید.
  • اگر اثاثیه نسبتاً ساده و کم‌رنگ باشند، بهتر است از فرشی با رنگ‌های شاد و پر نقش‌ونگاراستفاده کنید تا توجه را به خود جلب کند.
  • Conclusion

    Sometimes you want a small room to feel bigger. Using a round rug in a small space is a trick that designers always use to make the room look bigger. The curvature of a round rug encourages the eye to create an impression of fluid movement in the room. A circular rug also creates visual appeal and corrects the smallness of the space to a great extent in the eyes of the viewer.

    If you are looking to create a luxurious and luxurious space with a sense of warmth and relaxation, circular carpets are the right choice for you. Placing these types of carpets in rooms where conversations and meetings take place creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

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