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Special services for buying carpets for young couples

Buying carpets for young couples

Bridal carpet is one of the essential items for young couples to start their life together, considering the current economic conditions and the price of machine-made carpets, buying carpets for the bride and groom is a bit difficult. In order to support the young people, the Afrand Carpet collection has provided special facilities for buying carpets for young couples.

*** Couples whose contract date is from April 2019 onwards are included in this plan. ***

Special conditions for making carpets for buying carpets for dowry for young couples

  • Very special and exceptional discount.
  • No down payment.
  • Long-term installments.
  • A wedding gift from Afrand Carpet.
  • Free delivery to the place of residence.

Necessary documents for buying carpets for young couples

  1. Copy of birth certificate and national card of the couple.
  2. Residence documents.
  3. Check image for validation.

In order to use this facility, you can contact Farsh Efrand Central Store at 03136249951 and 09102916008 or send a message to the website support.

The Afrand carpet collection has attracted the attention of many dear people due to the high variety, favorable quality and exceptional price of its machine-made carpets. Afrand carpet offers you a very diverse collection of traditional and classic design carpets, which are mostly heat-set with all-acrylic thread in different combs and densities. You can order machine-made carpets in different standard, side and round sizes so that they can be sent to your door for free as soon as possible. Please see the categories of classic machine-made carpets, hand-woven machine-made carpets, patina carpets, machine-made carpets, fancy machine-made carpets, machine-made rugs, kitchen carpets, children’s carpets, and also visit the website of Afrand to buy machine-made carpets online.

Examples of the best-selling and most popular bridal carpets from Afrand carpet collection

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