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Golden tips for carpet durability

Carpet durability

When buying a machine-made carpet, one of our most important concerns is the quality and durability of the carpet. Among the questions that come to our mind is, what features should the carpet have so that it can last longer in the house? What fibers should we choose to make the carpet more quality? The durability of the carpet is directly related to its quality. The higher the quality of the carpet, the slower it loses its original appearance, color and shape.

Durability of the carpet

In addition to the beauty that they give to your home for years, quality carpets are not deformed and do not get bruised. The lifetime of machine carpet may have different definitions. In general, a car carpet that does not change its color and quality over time is considered a high-quality car carpet.

Effective factors in the durability of the carpet

As mentioned earlier, several factors are involved in the quality and durability of the carpet, which we will mention the important ones.

Carpet Warp Yarn

The most important factor in the longevity of the carpet is the type of carpet yarn and fiber, the type of carpet fibers includes acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, wool, bamboo, etc. Handmade carpets last longer because of the wool used. Carpets made with acrylic and bamboo yarn are more durable.

Polyester and polypropylene yarns are cheaper than acrylic and of course have a shorter lifespan. These yarns are mostly used in cheap carpets. If you intend to replace the carpet early or use it in low-traffic areas such as the bedroom, we recommend a carpet with polyester yarn.

Carpet reeds and density

By increasing the reeds and density, the carpets will be more compact and this compression of the knots will make the carpet stronger. By increasing the reeds and density, the carpets will be more compact and this compression of the knots will make the carpet stronger. These carpets are finely woven and are similar to hand-woven carpets.

Carpet durability

Classic carpet

The word classic generally indicates its oldness and originality. The design and map of the classic carpet are original and old. The fibers used in Warp Yarn are usually made of acrylic, wool and bamboo, which give these carpets more quality and longevity in addition to beauty.

The beautiful classic designs in the machine carpet are the best choice for the reception hall. Due to their durability and long life, these carpets are a suitable option for high-traffic places and do not change their color and shape after repeated washing. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the type of yarn, whether it is heated acrylic yarn or durable natural fibers such as wool and bamboo.

Patina and vintage carpet

Today, with the advancement of technology and new styles of interior decoration, carpets have been introduced to the market, which are derived from both modern and traditional designs. These carpets are called vintage carpets or patina carpets. Patina carpet has a great beauty compared to other modern and fancy carpets. Apparently, it looks like precious and so-called antique carpets.

These carpets have different types, including:

  • Classic patina carpet
  • Modern patina carpet
  • Antique patina carpet
  • Plaster patina carpet
  • Embossed patina carpet

The material of patina and vintage rugs is usually acrylic, bamboo and polyester. Acrylic and bamboo carpets are more durable and more expensive than polyester.

Baby rug

It is obvious that children are more exposed to dangers and diseases. Therefore, it can be said that the most important factor in buying any child’s room furniture is paying attention to the child’s health and safety. The carpet is no exception to this rule. According to the two characteristics of the type of density and the number of reeds, we examine the types of Baby carpets.

The type of carpet yarn has a great impact on its quality. Usually, hand-woven carpets are made of natural yarns and machine-made carpets are made of synthetic fibers. However, it is also possible to weave a machine rug with natural fibers such as wool. In general, in the production of children’s machine carpets, three types of yarn are often used: Polyester, polypropylene and acrylic.

A low-quality carpet may cause respiratory allergies for your child with high fluff. In addition, some carpets cause skin problems for children. The best yarn for the children’s room carpet is polyester heat-set polypropylene, which does not have fluff and does not cause allergies to the child.

Carpets made of polyester and polypropylene are more affordable and less durable than acrylic, but they do not cause any problems for your child’s health.

Machine Gabbe Carpet

Gabbe is machine woven from sheep wool and goat hair. But the material of the machine-made cotton yarn is usually polypropylene and the material of the warp yarns is polyester and cotton. These yarns are very soft and supple. They are also resistant to heat, wear and spilling of chemicals on the carpet.

Polypropylene fibers absorb little moisture. Therefore, any stain that is soluble in water can be easily removed from the car carpet. It is a bit difficult to just remove oil stains from these rugs. It can also be said that these beautiful carpets are free of fluff and do not cause sensitivity and allergy due to the use of heatset technology.


In the end, it is important to mention that proper care of the machine carpet, such as preventing direct sunlight, moisture, etc., will make the carpet last longer, which has been fully discussed in Afrand Carpet articles.

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