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Choosing a machine carpet based on design and size

Choosing a machine carpet

Machine carpet is one of the influential factors that can play a significant role in the beauty of home decoration. The appearance of the carpet is an important criterion for choosing it, but there are other factors that you should pay attention to when buying. In this article, we are going to talk about how to choose a suitable machine carpet for decoration along with other essential items and tell you some tips about it.

Choosing a machine carpet based on the design

To choose a machine carpet, first pay attention to the layout of your home. Normally, classic, modern, or a combination of the two styles are used in the decoration.

Classic carpet

The word classic carpet means products with traditional and old designs. The characteristic of these plans and maps is their traditional and originality, and at the same time having soft, relaxing and refreshing colors that are used for formal and classic decorations.

Classic carpets are popular carpets that never get old and can be used in any decoration. Despite the wide variety, there are common features among all these carpets. Most have busy designs with lots of detail scattered throughout the carpet. These carpets, which basically follow certain borders and patterns, have been able to harmonize with any space with a variety of colors and designs. The important thing is how to use these carpets in the right and basic way in decoration.

The most important point in buying a classic machine carpet is to pay attention to the right color with the decoration, which can be a combination of several colors close to each other and show itself in components such as carpets, curtains and furniture. The classic machine carpet has a wide variety of colors and therefore appears as a powerful factor in decoration.

Classic carpet can be used in modern and simple decoration. For spaces that have a modern appearance and simple decoration, classic carpet with bright colors such as cream, white, gray, and mostly quiet designs are more suitable. Machine-made carpets with designs such as afshan and khasti are more suitable for these decorations. If we want to describe the classic carpet in one sentence, we must say that this type of carpet gives a dignified and heavy look to the decoration.

Modern or fancy carpet

Nowadays, most of the tastes are moving towards becoming modern and it can be said that one of the big concerns for modern decorations is choosing the right carpet. Choosing the right carpet for modern decoration can act as the heart of a decoration. Vintage carpets are a great option for your modern decorations. In addition to simplicity, fantasy carpets have light colors and unique designs, which are the best choice for your modern decorations.

If you are one of those who feel calm from quiet and cold decorations, we suggest you to choose patina carpet. Patina carpets with acrylic materials are more suitable for reception halls and patinas with polyester and polypropylene materials are suitable for bedrooms and kitchens.

Choosing a machine carpet

Choosing a machine carpet based on size

Choosing a machine rug with the right size and size will make your space look more beautiful and elegant, and also help to make the space look bigger or smaller, and at the same time, create more harmony between the arrangement of furniture and home appliances. But how to choose a carpet with the right dimensions?

Choosing the right size of carpet for the reception hall

The living room is one of the most important parts of the house, choosing the right size of carpet in this space can have a great impact on the arrangement of the furniture and also make it look bigger. First of all, you should choose a reception carpet in a size that you can place the furniture in the area of the carpet.

If your reception space is small, you can use a 6-meter carpet. For large spaces, you should choose the carpet so that the front legs of the sofa are not placed on the carpet and your carpet does not go under the sofa. For these spaces, 9-meter carpet and 12-meter carpet are more suitable options. Note that the use of small carpets is not suitable for large spaces and gives an inappropriate effect.

Choosing the right size carpet for the bedroom

Choosing a bedroom carpet is one of the important points of home design and decoration, which creates more warmth and comfort in it. Usually, choosing the size of the bedroom carpet depends on the size of your room. It is better not to place your carpet under the bed.

Usually, 4-meter and 6-meter carpets are a suitable option for the bedroom, but nowadays it is not possible to place this size carpet in all bedrooms. In this situation, you can use small carpets and various rugs that fit the size of your room. For the bedroom of a child and baby, it is better to use a carpet for the middle of the room and at a distance from the bed so that the child can easily play in this space.

Choosing the right size of carpet for the kitchen

Choose the kitchen carpet so that it covers the entire space and is about 10 cm away from the cabinet. If you like to place a smaller rug in the kitchen, you can use a circular rug.

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