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What is the best carpet for pet owners?

best carpet for people who have a pet

Many people love pets and enjoy keeping them. There are some parameters to consider when purchasing a machine-made carpet for pet owners. Two of these parameters are stain resistance and durability. However, care for pets without taking into account the wear and tear from walking on the carpet can really damage your carpet and shorten its life. But what do you think is the best carpet for pet owners?

Important tips for choosing a carpet

What makes carpet a good choice for covering if you have pets? Many pets spend a lot of time lying on the floor. Carpet is also a non-slip surface that can be safer for animals. In fact, carpet absorbs sound and can make your home a quieter place to live. One of the common concerns about carpet is that it may cause asthma and allergies in people by collecting dust and pet dander. The best choice for allergy sufferers is to vacuum and deep clean their carpets regularly.

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If you are a pet owner, you should consider the following factors when choosing a carpet.

Carpet fibers

Carpet is usually made of wool, natural fibers or synthetic fibers such as nylon, olefin and polyester. Wool carpets are the softest and most luxurious carpets that are naturally flame and heat resistant, but they are more expensive than synthetic fibers and are not stain resistant. Carpets made of nylon fibers are the most popular because they are durable, highly stain resistant, affordable, and somehow the best carpet for pet owners.

Stain resistance

The best carpet for pet owners

A carpet with better washing ability

If you own a pet, try to buy a rug that you can easily wash without fading or wearing out quickly. Because in many cases, feces or secretions caused by animal diseases can cause your carpet to get stained very quickly; Therefore, it is necessary to remove the stains as soon as possible and wash your carpet well. So try to choose a carpet that will not lose its appearance and beauty soon after several washes.

Some carpets are specifically designed to prevent pets from staining the layers of your carpet. Some rugs with special designs hide stains or pet hair better than other colors, so keep this in mind when choosing a new rug.

Wool rugs are a good choice

Wool in rugs is also surprisingly pet-friendly. Wool fibers are highly flexible and do not lose their shape when wet, making wool carpets very durable. These rugs are not fluffy or stringy, so your pet can’t tear them up.

Wool carpets are naturally stain and moisture resistant, and if dirt gets on the wool carpet, it can be easily vacuumed out.

Carpet maintenance

The best carpet for pet owners

Once you have chosen a beautiful, new and suitable carpet for your home, be sure to clean it regularly and well. Keeping the carpet clean and dry prevents the growth of mold. To take better care of your carpet, vacuum it regularly and daily. Because this work can reduce the dust in the air by 94%.

In addition to vacuuming the carpet thoroughly and regularly, you should have it professionally steam cleaned every six months. After washing, make sure the carpet is completely dry so that moisture does not attract mold or mites.

Remember that if you suffer from allergies and also keep a pet, choosing a carpet with a short and interwoven texture instead of long fibers can help reduce your sensitivity. The shorter the carpet fibers and the tighter they are woven, the less the carpet absorbs allergens and the easier it is to clean.

Machine-made carpet with 1200 combs of embossed flowers on a smoky background700 comb machine carpet, elephant background

If you own a pet, avoid buying these types of carpets

Pile carpets: While these carpets are among the most comfortable types of carpets, hair and dirt easily get into their cracks and are difficult to get out.

Rooted carpet: If you own a pet, it is better to avoid buying any carpet with roots. Sure, these rugs are beautiful and add a nice touch to your home, but those shiny exteriors can be destroyed by pets.

Old carpets: Older rugs are usually more delicate and may require special cleaning; Therefore, they cannot be a good choice for people who have pets.

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