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Best ways to clean the carpet

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Many housewives do not know that carpet shampooing is not necessarily the best method to clean it at home. there are more ways for clean the carpets than in the past. Many people are looking for a method to clean the carpet with no washing. Good to know that cleaning the carpet at home is not a hard work, but you should consider some tips. In general, there are different ways to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt on the carpet. Steam cleaning method is usually preferred, which can get more than 90% of dirt and bacteria out of the carpet

there are a few tips you should follow to keep your home carpets and other floorings in good condition. In this article, we want to talk about the best method to clean the carpet. Stay with us.

Best ways to clean the carpet

The hot water and pressure both work to dissolve thick dirt, mud, dust, and other debris from carpeting, allowing it to be extracted easily. Carpet cleaning with a steam cleaner is one of the best ways to revive a matted or flattened carpet ,so your carpet looks fresher and it feels soft when you walk across it barefoot.

Most often, cleaning light colored carpets can seem like a hard work! best that you can do with these kinds of carpets is using professional carpet cleaning services, who have expertise in this field. In dry carpet cleaning method , special detergent or similar chemicals are used to clean the carpet with a small amount of water . A rotating brush ejects detergent into the fibers and cleans the carpet.

There is no best method in carpet cleaning services that could be suitable for all types of leaves carpets and removes all kinds of dirt and stains. All carpet cleaning methods have some advantages and disadvantages. By considering some advantages and disadvantages of the most popular carpet cleaning methods , you can make the right decision for your carpet. A carpet steamer by breaking down bacteria, germs, mold and other dirt, leave you a shiny carpet.

Carpet shampooing is effective for getting rid of stubborn stains, but the excess detergent should be completely removed from the carpet. leaving Sticky detergent residue after shampooing traps more dust and dirt in the carpet fibers; So that the carpet may look dirty after shampooing.

Carpet dry cleaning method is the best option for busy offices and houses or families who have no time to wait for the carpet to dry for some reason. However, the detergents and chemicals used in dry cleaning carpets can be somewhat harsh, so it is important to consider proper ventilation . This carpet cleaning method may not be a good choice for those who have allergies or respiratory problems.

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Common clean the carpet mistakes to avoid

For a complete carpet cleaning, we offer to contact a carpet cleaning company nearby your home. In general, companies that provide carpet cleaning services; They are equipped and You can benefit from their expertise needed to clean stubborn stains and dirt without damaging the carpet fibers.

However, if you choose to clean your home carpets by yourself, be conscious of some common carpet cleaning mistakes and avoid them:

  • Avoid excessive rubbing when cleaning or washing the carpet. Scrubing a rotating brush into the carpet fibers can untwist the fibers and then makes the carpet dull.
  • After washing, get all residual detergents, foam and cleaning chemicals Completely out of the carpet. As said before،carpet cleaning residue detergent is sticky and will make it even dirtier than before.
  • every time you use the carpet steam cleaner, let the steam penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and ensure that your carpet is clean.
  • Do not walk on your just cleaned carpets until they’re dry. Because this can crush the carpet fibers and makes the carpet look worn.
  • While cleaning the carpet and also after it, airflow and ventilation are necessary to help removing any moisture from the air and will help the carpet to dry more quickly. open the windows to allow fresh air to move through the space

Simple and easy tips for keeping your carpet clean

keeping your carpet clean

the best option to keep the carpet clean is shampooing, but you need to pay attention to some practical and at the same time simple tips to clean the carpet better:

  • if you are a pet owner. nails/claws should be clipped is important , not only to reduce the amount of dirt that may be on the carpet, but also to prevent scraching of the carpet yarns and fibers.
  • using an air purifier in the desired space. An air purifier takes dust and dirt out of the air , so that the dirt can not sit on the carpet.
  • Wash the outer surfaces of your home regularly. dust, and other dirt from outside the home can be transmitted through the air and make their way inside the home, sitting on the carpets and other floorings.
  • Don’t think that regular vacuuming will damage your carpets. Vacuuming daily removes dirt and dust. So don’t forget to clean your house daily, especially in high traffic areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the following, we answer some questions that many people have asked about the best methods to clean the carpet

Does cleaning a carpet ruin it?

Yes. In appropriate use of scrub brushes and overuse of shampoo and harsh detergents can break down the fibers.

How to deep clean the your carpet?

One of methods is cleaning the carpet with vinegar. In general, the best method for cleaning carpets by hand is blotting the stain with a cloth and white vinegar. Vinegar can get many types of food stains, pet stains, and other debris out of the carpet. Complete washing with wet wipes will remove all traces of stains.

Cleaning carpets by hand is a hard work but worth the effort. These methods will help you to clean your carpets and remove stains and unpleasant odors.


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