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Simple and effective methods to remove carpet burns

Remove carpet burns can definitely be considered one of the most important concerns of housewives.  In this article, we tried to introduce you some simple but practical solutions so that you can easily repair superficial and relatively deep carpet burns, whether it is a hand-woven carpet or a machine-made carpet.  With these mentioned solutions, you can easily repair the burn mark of the carpet.  Stay with us until the end of this article.

Removing iron and hot pot burns from carpet

When we are talking about carpet burn removal, before any issue, we should pay attention to whether the burn is deep or slight. Because the steps we need to take for each of these two types of burns are different.

If the amount of carpet burn is small and only a yellow color is formed on your carpet, the best way to remove the burn mark is to use onion. Cut an onion in half and place it on the burn surface, and after about 5 minutes of soaking the burn area, rinse it completely to remove the yellow stain.

In the second type of deep burns, which are basically black and hollow, the work is a bit specialized, and in the case of hand-woven and machine-made carpets, it is better to refer to a professional carpet cleaning service.

Remove carpet burns caused by cigarettes and charcoal

remove carpet burns

After ironing and cooking, charcoal and cigarettes can be considered the most common causes of carpet burns that often happen. Remember that if the burn degree is still high, you should ask for help from experts.

In more superficial burns, it is necessary to use sandpaper at the beginning of the work .Gently sand away the burn marks that left by charcoal and cigarettes from the carpet.

In the next step, you should remove the separated debris from the surface of the carpet, and if you see parts that are still burnt, you can use scissors to cut these burnt lines out.

If the burn marks are still not completely gone, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to remove the yellow color and burn. At the end of the work, you can pour some carpet shampoo cleaner on the scorch mark and let it dry completely.

Removing carpet burns due to candles and wax substances

When talking about how to remove the effects of candles on a carpet or a rug, the most important thing to pay attention to is removing the melted wax from the surface of carpet.

The main method of this work is that at the beginning of the work you have to remove the wax from the surface of your carpet, for this you have to scrape the existing wax with a spoon or a sharp object. After completing the first step, you should take a hot iron by placing a clean cloth over the spilled wax ,run it over the cloth until the wax melt into it.

Finally, it is necessary to rinse the burned part with water and dishwashing liquid detergent. To prevent water from penetrating into different parts during washing, it is necessary to keep carpet away from the floor and dry it with a hair dryer after washing.

Additional tips for removing burn Marks from carpet

The cases that we have mentioned so far about removing carpet burns are the most common and frequent cases that unfortunately cause the burning of handmade and machine-made carpets.

Don’t forget that these solutions are all for removing superficial burns, and once the burn goes beyond a certain degree, not only you will not be able to fix it yourself, but even professional companies won’t. Therefore, before anything else, prioritize your carpet and take care of it.

In some cases, using ice packs on the burn mark to smooth it out and then using a brush or comb to try to pull the surrounding lint towards the burn can easily conceal the burn. Using ice and a comb in the direction of the pile of the carpet is a very suitable option to eliminate carpet burns if it is superficial. Of course, do not forget that before combing, it is better to use a towel to blot ice water to prevent the carpet from getting wet.

But if this removal and hiding method doesn’t work, be sure to read the next part carefully because it can bring you wonderful results.

Removing carpet burns surface at home

If all the tasks mentioned in the previous sections regarding carpet burn removal was ineffective, such as using onions or ice and a hair dryer, for the areas where the yellow color is not the only problem and the depth of the burn is not superficial, you need to ask for help from an expert. If for any reason your carpet is not repairable, you can use the plan of replacing the old carpet with a new one in Afrand carpet store.

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1- What materials should we use to remove carpet burns?

Onion, ice, cleaning fluid

2- How many types of burns are there in the carpet?

There are two types of burns, superficial and deep.

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