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How effective is carpet thread in choosing a carpet?

Machine-made carpet yarn

When buying carpets, you will encounter a world of different colors, designs and materials in carpets. Many choices may also confuse you and raise many questions in your mind. Questions such as what type of carpet should I buy? Is the type of carpet used in the living room different from the carpet in the child’s room? Which kind of carpet is suitable for my bedroom and many other questions that you don’t know the answer to. But in this article, we will get to know a concept called carpet thread. By understanding the concept of carpet yarn and the types of yarn used in carpet weaving, you can easily know the types of carpets and their uses.

The structure of the machine carpet

machine woven carpet They consist of three parts to achieve texture and appearance. Vertical thread or warp, horizontal thread or weft and carpet thread or knots. These three parts make up the structure and skeleton of a machine-made carpet. Among the horizontal and vertical threads, there is a carpet thread connected to the warp and weft, which you can easily touch with your hands.

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carpet thread

The warp thread is a thread that is placed vertically in the carpet and the knots of the carpet are wrapped around this thread. This type of thread in handwoven carpet is called cheleh and it plays an important role in the durability and beauty of the carpet. The type of yarn used for carpet warp is usually made of fibers such as cotton, polyester or a mixture of the two.

Polyester thread or a mixture of cotton and polyester is usually used in acrylic carpets, but in the case of polypropylene carpets, the warp thread is usually made of BCF due to its cheapness.

Carpet weft thread

The weft thread passes horizontally between the vertical threads of the warp and connects the warp thread to the warp thread. This thread in the horizontal width of the carpet makes the machine carpet strongby maintaining the carpet thread. The thread that is usually used for carpet weft is made of cotton, jute and polyester

carpet yarn

When talking about the type of carpet, it refers to the thread of the carpet. The most important factor in determining the quality and life of the carpet is the carpet thread. The carpet threads are colored threads that sit between the warp and weft of the carpet and create the design and volume of the carpet. The fibers used in the carpet yarn must have important features such as high resistance to fraying and high flexibility (reversibility), and most importantly, the stability of the carpet color against factors such as light or UV rays of the sun. As time goes by and the years pass, the carpet can still be used by going back and forth and washing.

The pile thread in machine-made carpets is usually made of acrylic, polyester and polypropylene. In comparison, it should be said that the best type of machine made carpet is acrylic, followed by polyester carpets and the like.

What are the types of carpet yarn?

Acrylic carpet yarn

Carpets with acrylic yarn in their texture are among the most popular and best-selling machine-made carpets. This type of carpet is classified in the category of carpets of the first and highestcategory. Carpets with acrylic thread look very similar to wool carpets, but they are much cheaper than this type. Acrylic machine carpet sleeping yarn has unique features that are related to the capabilities of this type of yarn. Below we examine the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic thread.

Features and properties of acrylic yarn

  • Very high resistance and unique covering power
  • High water absorption
  • Carpet resistance against high pressures
  • Reversibility
  • High lint: carpets made of acrylic thread become lint over time and as a result of use, which is not very pleasant. It is worth noting that this issue has been significantly reduced with the help of acrylic thread heat setting technology.
  • Lack of resistance to cold and heat: This carpet passes cold and heat and may not be suitable for some homes

Heat set technology in machine carpet yarn

After dealing with the problem of lint in acrylic carpets, the carpet industry came to the aid of this industry by using heat set technology. In this technology, the inner texture of the carpet yarn fibers are stabilized by heat and steam. This type of carpet with its unique features is one of the hypoallergenic carpets. Most of the carpets in the market are of the heat set type and they have many fans in the market of machine carpets.

Features of acrylic yarn with heat set technology

  • High resistance to dust
  • High tolerance to heat
  • Tolerating footfall and high pressure
  • Higher flexibility and reversibility
  • Reduce lint

The most important feature of heat set technology in machine carpet: The ability to withstand high heat (such as irons and pots) without damaging the carpet

Carpet yarn of propylene type

The cheapest type of carpet yarn among buyers is polypropylene yarn. In addition to its cheapness, polypropylene thread has features that make the use of this type of carpet suitable for certain environments.

Properties and characteristics of polypropylene yarn

  • A much higher variety of colors than other types of carpets (high dyeability + low dyeing cost)
  • The price is right
  • No moisture absorption
  • Fast drying of the carpet
  • Instability of polypropylene thread
  • The adverse effect of long and direct sunlight on the appearance of the carpet (contains ultraviolet rays)
  • Lower durability than its acrylic type
  • Less flexibility and therefore more damage than other types
  • High dust absorption followed by rapid transfer of dust to the environment with one movement of the carpet
  • Difficulty washing certain stains such as oil

Application: in humid environments such as swimming pools and kitchens (humid environments)

Polyester carpet yarn

Another type of carpet yarn is polyester yarn. This carpet has a special shine and beauty that has attracted special fans. Polyester yarn is known as artificial silk yarn, and the carpet with this yarn has a high luster and vivid and transparent colors.

Properties and characteristics of polyester yarn

  • High resistance to heat and humidity
  • Cheaper price
  • Various colors and higher than other types
  • lack of filling
  • Non-sensitizing for people
  • Carpet stability after washing
  • The softness and softness of the carpet
  • High resistance to chemicals and washing
  • Injury due to pressure and high traffic (due to softness and tenderness)
  • Lack of resistance to alcohol
  • low reversibility of threads (hardness and knocking of the carpet)
Note: Polyester carpets are not recommended at all in high-traffic areas


The world of carpets is so diverse that upon entering this world and hearing the names of designs and patterns, anyone may get confused. This issue becomes more acute when buying a carpet; But by knowing the carpet and its structure, this difficult choice can be made very simple and pleasant. The structure of each carpet consists of warp and weft yarn and carpet yarn. Knowing carpet yarn gives the opportunity to examine three types of carpets that are used for weaving carpets. By reading this article, we have brought everything you need to know about carpet yarn to help you make your choice.

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