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what causes a new carpet to fluff? How to prevent carpet fluffing?

carpet fluffing

You recently have new carpeting installed but it is fluffing.  When you sit on the carpet, you expect softness, but after a few weeks, you will meet a world of fluff.  Over the course of time, when there is no end to fluffing the carpet, you have mental involvement, and the problem seems to be one of the damages related to the carpet. This amount of fluff is so much that it bothers you.  Afterwards there are many questions in your mind, “What is the cause of my carpet fluff?” .or “How do I avoid fluff from a machine made carpet?”

In this article, we are going to check together the cause of carpet fluff and some methods to remove it.  Sometimes, knowing the cause of carpet fluffing, you can easily solve that problem.  In this article, we will tell you all the possible solutions to resolve this problem.  But sometimes the main cause of carpet fluff is the type of yarn, fibers and the quality of these materials, and it cannot be  solved.  Stay with us to find out some solutions to prevent fluff from your carpet, by understanding this difference.

Causes of carpet fluffing

When you just bought a new carpet, the seller may have told you that it is ordinary with new carpeting to fluff in the first days. But months pass and you still have the problem of fluffing your carpet .This amount of fluffing is so much that you get confused. It is better to know that there are factors in producing carpets, if they are not followed well, your carpet will suffer from high fluff.

The quality and material of the fibers used in the carpet

The amount of fluff depends on the quality and the type of fibers used in carpet production. Among Iranian machine-made carpets, the acrylic carpets are of high quality. This kind of carpet is well known because of its durability; but fluffing is one of its disadvantages . Acrylic carpet fluffing is limited to the first few weeks; and if you still see fluff after a few months, it is maybe due to poor fibers quality in carpet production.

Important point: Recently, a process called heat-set is used in producing acrylic yarns by which solves the problem of fluffing the acrylic machine made carpet.  Most of the carpets in the market are like this kind.

The carpet spinning machine has not been adjusted

Special devices are used in the production of machine made carpet yarns. If these machines are not adjusted or if there is an inaccuracy in the process of yarn production, finally the carpet will be fluffed.

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Inappropriate temperature and sizing

Carpet pile yarn with different grades and different fibers are used in carpets, this itself is the factor of changing the quality of the carpet.  For high durability and no fluffing, a process called heat-set is needed. The heat and steam have effect on the inner texture of the spun yarn. If the carpet sizing process is not done correctly, the fibers that have not been affected by the resin will cause carpet fluffing. Of course this problem has been solved in modern machines.

Density and number of carpet reeds

The number of reeds and the density of the carpet are important factors in carpet fluffing. The density and the number of reeds of a carpet has an inverse relationship with the level of carpet fluffing.  In other words, the higher the density and the number of carpet reeds, the lower the amount of fluff and vice versa.  For example, in 1200 reeds carpets, the amount of fluff is much less than in 700 or 1000 reeds carpets;  And likewise, in 700 reeds carpet, the fluff is less than 500 reeds carpet, of course, the yarn quality and other things also have an effect.

Causes of carpet fluffing

Related factors in carpet fluff production

In addition to the mentioned points, there are factors that must be considered during the carpet production process, and if these tips are ignored, Carpet fluffing is bound to happen.

  • Adequate use of water and oil in the spinning stage of carpet fibers
  • Suitable twisting in carpet pile yarns
  • Paying attention to the steps of shearing and completion of machine made carpet

Important point: One of the effective factors in carpet fluff is heavy foot traffic on the carpet.  After a while, the carpet yarns no longer have the original quality due to abrasion and friction factors such as walking too much.  If your carpet is in high-traffic areas, it will begin to fluff after a while.

In general, it can be said that the amount of fluffing of a machine made  carpet depends on factors such as the length of the fibers of the pile yarn, the structure and type of yarn used, the quality of the fibers used, the number of reeds, the density of the carpet, the quality of completing the carpet and etc.

How to avoid carpet fluffing?

  • Using a manual or electric sweeper to remove fluff: use a straw or   manual sweeper is effective in removing carpet fluff.  It is better to wet the sweeper at first so that it can absorb more fluff.  If using a vacuum cleaner, the engine should be adjusted to low speed and drag it across the carpet pile direction to pull up more fluff.

Important point: To achieve an agreeable result, vacuuming should be done for two to three weeks regularly.  Be sure to leave the windows open to avoid respiratory problems.

    • Using carpet brush: Using a carpet brush is also effective to remove carpet fluff.  If you use this method, pull the brush across the carpet pile.
  • Using wet wipes:  Using wet wipes down the surface of the carpet yarn pile are effective in removing carpet fluff.

  • Using a carpet padding: Carpet padding reduces foot traffic unit and thus reduces the amount of carpet fluffing.  This padding also prevents carpet rot.

  • Use of carpet shampoo: Use of carpet shampoo to remove fluff should be done according to principles and immediately after buying the carpet.

  • Using adhesive glue: stick the glue on the carpet and then gently peel it off the carpet to collect the carpet fluff.

  • Using a wash cloth: Wet the wash cloth and rub it on the carpet in the pile direction.  Of course, you have to do this several times.

  • Using a lint sticky roller: These types of rollers are usually available in the laundry department stores.  The sheets used in the roller, which are replaceable, have adhesive surface .roll it across the top to bottom on the carpet, and with this the lints of the carpet stick to the sticky sheet of the roller.

  • Using the services of a professional carpet cleaning

  • Use of lint remover device

Important points in removing fluff from the carpet

  • It is better not to use hot water when you are removing fluff from the carpet.
  • Never use detergents such as washing powders containing enzymes .

Final word

 Carpet fluffing is common in some machine-made carpets.  However, there are some ways to remove machine carpet fluff.  Our suggestion is to make a better decision by knowing the fluff factors before buying a machine made carpet. Take notice to factors such as the use of the best type of fibers for carpet production, the use of density and the right reed are all important factors.  If you choose an acrylic carpet, be sure to use heat-set technology in the production of its yarn.  The right choice will save you from future troubles.

One of the special characters of Afrand carpets is the use of heat-set acrylic yarn, which minimizes carpet fluffing.  To see the types of machine-made carpets, you can enter our store page and view the categories of classic machine-made carpets, hand look machine-made carpets, patina carpets, gabbeh machine-made carpets, fantasy machine-made carpets, machine-made rugs, kitchen carpets, and kid’s carpets.


  1. What is the effect of heavy foot traffic on carpet fluffing?

If the carpet is in high-traffic areas, over the time the carpet begins to fluff.

  1. What is the best acrylic yarn to reduce carpet fluffing?

Heat-set acrylic yarn.

  1. How long does it take for an acrylic carpet to fluff?

It is limited to the first few weeks and if it takes several months for a carpet to fluff, low quality fibers have been used in producing the carpet.

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